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Thank you for putting on your halo! Just complete the three steps below to cover an item. Here's the stocking you're planning to help out:

Linda is brand new to the program at Recovery Point HER Place where she is only 30 days clean from drugs and alcohol. She has not yet gained employment, but is applying for jobs. HER Place is currently providing her with all hygiene supplies needed, but could use the support from you. Would you help Linda feel loved by purchasing her shampoo, body wash, deodorant, toothbrush/toothpaste, razors and feminine products?

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Large Item? Some items are large enough that they require a few helping hands. If you'd like to help out with this item, you can donate via PayPal at, or get in touch with us to help out!

2. Get in Touch with Recovery Point

Give Andrew a call at 304.429.9036 (Monday-Friday business hours only) to make sure the item hasn't already been covered, and to get any extra information you might need. Make sure you reference the stocking for Linda (Stocking 42 on the list).

3. Claim Your Items

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