Guyandotte Elementary School

Here you can see all the items that are part of stockings that were hosted by Guyandotte Elementary School. You can use this to see the status of items, and read any notes that may be pertinent information.

Lily and her Mom

A single mother has overcome many obstacles in her life, including recently escaping an abusive situation to keep herself and her daughter, Lily, safe. While her mom works hard to meet her needs Lily is still in need of certain things such as warm winter clothes size 6/7, shoes size 10c, and bedding for a queen size bed. Lily enjoys unicorns and all things Frozen. Will you help make this little girl's Christmas brighter?

Kim and her son

Kim is a young mother to a very happy and energetic little boy. While she has been working two jobs she still struggles to make ends meet. The only thing Kim wants for Christmas this year is for her little boy to have warm winter clothes size 5/6, shoes size 10c, a winter hat and gloves.

Courtney and her children, Tommy, Annie, Millie, and Cindy

Courtney is a single mother of four young children who works part time to make ends meet. Tommy is the oldest child and wears a size 5/6, Annie wears a 3/4t, Millie wears a 2/3t and the youngest, Cindy, wears a size 3 months. Will you help Courtney keep her children warm this winter by getting each of them warm clothes and a coat?


Gracie's mother is disabled and unable to work due to her many health issues. Because of this there is very little money to spare for new bedding for her daughter. Sheets and blankets for a toddler bed as well as some winter clothes size 4/5 would keep Gracie warm as the temperatures grow colder. Her favorite is Blue's Clues.

Trina and Addison

Trina and her daughter, Addison, recently moved to WV but finding work has been difficult for Trina due to the ongoing pandemic. Because they previously lived somewhere that was almost always hot Addison has no clothes that are appropriate for the cold winters that West Virginia experiences. She wears a size 5/6 and loves anything princess!


Monica recently gained custody of her two grandchildren. Because she lives on a fixed income, it has been difficult to provide them with everything they need. Currently, the children are using throw blankets and couch cushions for their beds. Pillows and blankets would go a long way to make their new environment feel a little more like home.


Kathy works while her son is in school but barely makes enough to cover all their bills. Will you help this sweet boy with some warm clothes size 5/6 and socks? It would really set him up for the cold winter months ahead.