A. D. Lewis Community Center

Here you can see all the items that are part of stockings that were hosted by A. D. Lewis Community Center. You can use this to see the status of items, and read any notes that may be pertinent information.


  • Shoes, men's size 12 (Claimed)
  • Sweatshirts, men's size L (Completed)
  • Sweatpans, men's size L (Completed)
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Billy and his children

  • Microwave (Completed)
  • Dishes (Claimed)
  • Pots (Completed)
  • Pans (Completed)
  • Towels (Completed)
  • Wash clothes (Claimed)
  • Deodorant (Completed)
  • Toothpaste (Completed)
  • Soap (Claimed)
  • Shampoo (Completed)
  • Conditioner (Completed)
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Jocalyn and her son

  • Dishes (Completed)
  • Pots (Completed)
  • Pans (Completed)
  • Blankets (Completed)
  • Twin sized bed (Claimed)
  • Twin sized bed linens (Completed)
  • Sheets (Completed) Confirm size
  • Comforter (Completed) Confirm size
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  • Bus pass (Completed) Send donation to donate@mbmbamangels.com
  • Winter coat, women's size M (Completed)
  • Scarf (Completed)
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