Renaissance Women and Children's Program

Here you can see all the items that are part of stockings that were hosted by Renaissance Women and Children's Program. You can use this to see the status of items, and read any notes that may be pertinent information.


Melinda is working hard on her recovery from addiction and is so excited for the holidays this year. The only thing that she asked Santa for this year was a set of new bath towels, a gift that can be used all year long.


Noel is working to overcome her addiction through a local recovery program and has asked for only one thing this holiday season. She would love a sheet set and blankets for her twin size bed to keep her warm all winter long. Can you help this woman who tries so hard?


Lynn has been working very hard to overcome her addiction to drugs this year. She loves to keep her place as neat and tidy as possible all year long. Will you help her with a new Swiffer Jet Mop and a broom?


While Linda is very excited for Christmas this year, she hasn't asked for anything specific. She said the only thing that she really needs is a new blanket for her bed. Some fuzzy socks to go with it would make her holiday very cozy!


Moira is very excited for the holiday season this year. She's done so well working to overcome her addiction this past year and would love to have a special gift under her tree for Christmas. She hasn't asked for much this year but is very much in need of wash cloths, bath towels and a rug for her bathroom.