Southwestern Head Start

Here you can see all the items that are part of stockings that were hosted by Southwestern Head Start. You can use this to see the status of items, and read any notes that may be pertinent information.

Bonnie and Betty

Bonnie and Betty are sisters who live with their grandmother. Bonnie wears a size 6/7 in coats and shirts with a shoe size of 11 in kids. Her sister Betty wears a size 10/12 in coats and 7/8 in pants and shirts. Her shoe size is a 2. Can you help keep these girls who really do try hard stay warm this winter?

Buddy and Sally

Little Buddy and his sister Sally have one wish for Christmas and that is for their family to get a gas cook stove so they can have meals at home. Sally and Buddy could also really use some warm clothing for the winter. Sally wears a size 18 months in clothes and coats and Buddy wears a size 5T in coats and clothing. Can you help bring this family that tries so hard to make ends meet some holiday cheer?

Joey and siblings

Little Joey and his siblings live with their grandparents who have been struggling with health issues. New winter clothing and warm coats would go a long way in making sure these children have a happy and warm holiday! Little Joey wears a size 12 in shoes and 5T in coats, shirts and pants while his baby sister wears a size 3T in coats, shirts and pants and size 8 in toddler shoes. Their older sister wears a size 12/14 in coats and size 4 in women’s shoes.

Johnny and Judy

Little Johnny’s dad recently had his hours cut at work due to Covid-19. His dad wanted so badly to be able to get Johnny and his sister both a new winter coat this year but now finds himself without the ability to do so. Can you help this family who really is trying so very hard to make ends meet? Johnny wears a size 6/7 in boy’s clothes/coats while his sister Judy wears a size 5T.

Jimmy, Timmy, Tommy, Sabrina, Cindy

Jimmy and his five siblings lost almost everything due to a flood earlier this year. While they’re home was saved and they are back in it now most of their clothes and shoes couldn’t be saved. Jimmy is a size 4-5T in coats/clothing and 11 in kid shoes. His older brother Timmy wears a size 8/10 in boy’s coats and clothing, his shoe size is 4 in men’s. Little brother Tommy wears a size 4T in coats/clothes and 10 in kid shoes. Their older sister Sabrina wears a size 10/12 in coats/clothing with little sister Cindy wearing a size 7/8 in clothing/coats and 13 in kid shoes. Can you help these kids who have overcome so much this year?

Barbie and Billy

Barbie and her baby brother are the children of a single mother who works very hard to provide for them both. Coats and winter clothing are very expensive and it’s been hard for their mother to purchase those items this year. Barbie wears a size 6X in clothing and coats while her baby brother Billy wears a size 2-3T.

Rose, Sally, Sandra, and Scott

Rose is a single mother who has had her hours cut back at work due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. It would really make her Christmas special if her kids woke up Christmas morning to find some new clothes from Santa. Scott wears a size 5T while his big sister Sally wears a size XL in women’s. Their other sister Sandra wears a size 12 in girl’s clothing.