Crum Pre-K

Here you can see all the items that are part of stockings that were hosted by Crum Pre-K. You can use this to see the status of items, and read any notes that may be pertinent information.

Timmy and his Mom

Little Timmy's mom has been out of work due to a recent surgery and has been unable to afford the furnace repair that they need to heat their home this winter. Electric heaters and winter clothes to keep him warm would help Timmy so very much. He wears a size 6/7 in little boys and a size 11 in kid's shoes, will you help Timmy stay warm this holiday season?

Johnny and Suzie

Johnny and his sister recently went to live with their grandparents who are on a fixed income, which makes it difficult to provide all the clothes the children will need for winter. Johnny wears a size 5/6 in boys. He could really use long-sleeve shirts, long pants, and new shoes size 10 1/2 in kids. His sister Suzie wears a size 3T in clothes and 8T in shoes. Can you help these children stay warm all winter long?

Scott and Tyler

Due to Covid-19 Scott and Tyler's parents hours have been cut drastically at work. Because of the lost hours, their parents have had trouble making ends meet and both boys have to wear last year's winter clothes which are too small on them now. Scott wears a size 6/7 and Tommy wears a size 5. Shoes sizes 2 and 12 in youth are also needed. Will you help this family that is trying so hard?

Barbie and Casey

Barbie and Casey's mom lost her job due to the Covid-19 pandemic and has struggled to make ends meet. Because of their financial struggles their mother hasn't been able to afford to get the girls shoes appropriate for winter. Barbie wears a size 13 in girl's shoes while her sister wears a size 11, also in girls. Will you help these kids who try so hard in school?