Southwestern Community Action

Here you can see all the items that are part of stockings that were hosted by Southwestern Community Action. You can use this to see the status of items, and read any notes that may be pertinent information.

Flo and Deanna

Flo and Deanna have recently come to live with their grandmother. When they got there the only thing they had were the clothes on their backs. Francine is the older of the two, she wears a size 5 in coats and size 6 in clothing. Dorothy is the youngest, she wears a size 9 months. Both girls are in desperate need of coats, long pants and long sleeve shirts. If you are able they also would very much appreciate bedding for a full size bed as both currently only have thin blankets. Can you help these children have a warm holiday season?


Aeron is growing like a weed and has quickly outgrown all of his winter clothes from last year! While his family tries extra hard to provide for him things have been really tight financially as of late. Clothes size 4/5 such as sweaters, long pants, and jeans would really keep him warm in the cold winter temperatures.


Frankie is growing fast and doesn't have any winter clothes that fit him. He wears a size 6/7 and could really use long pants and sweaters that will keep him warm as the temperatures begin to drop.

Lori and her parents

Lori walks with her parents to and from the bus stop without complaint. With the temperatures dropping rapidly though little Lori's fall clothes aren't providing much protection from the elements. Will you make this sweet little girls morning walks to and from the bus warm by giving her girls size 5/6 winter clothes, a coat, hat and gloves?


Andrea is a single mother of three children who would love nothing more than to prepare her family healthy dinners for the holiday and all year through. Can you help this woman who tries so hard to provide for her kids with pots, pans, cooking utensils and other kitchen items?