Mountain State Centers for Independent Living

Here you can see all the items that are part of stockings that were hosted by Mountain State Centers for Independent Living . You can use this to see the status of items, and read any notes that may be pertinent information.


Susan is an elderly woman with a cognitive disorder who lives on her own. During the winter months her apartment stays cold, she would very much appreciate warm blankets and possibly an electric space heater. Will you help Susan stay warm all through the freezing winter months?


Evelyn has severe arthritis in her hands and finds it difficult to use a regular mop. She's on a fixed income and lives on her own. She would very much appreciate a Swiffer Jet Mop which will be much easier on her hands.


Kenny is an older gentleman living with mental health issues and is on a fixed income. Because Kenny doesn't drive he has to carry his groceries home from the store. A grocery pull cart would go a long way to make his life easier.

Mindy and her Mom

Mindy is a young woman with Autism who lives at home with her mother. They don't have much and live on a fixed income so they would be thankful for anything. Warm blankets, bathroom towels, and personal hygiene items would make their holiday extra special!


Brenda doesn't have any family to visit her over the holidays and doesn't get any gifts – and yet she still keeps a smile on her face. Warm boots size 8 and new socks would be an extra special gift for Brenda to wake up to Christmas morning!


Louise is an older woman living on a fixed income. Because she doesn't drive, Louise relies on the TTA to get her to doctor's appointments and back and forth from the grocery store. Bus passes would be one of the best gifts that she could receive this holiday season.


Andrew recently had a stroke and lives alone. Because of this he is unable to properly use a conventional stove and oven. A microwave would go a long way in helping him to prepare meals for himself again and regain some independence.