Cabell County Community Services Organization

Here you can see all the items that are part of stockings that were hosted by Cabell County Community Services Organization. You can use this to see the status of items, and read any notes that may be pertinent information.

Mrs. L and Mr. B

Mrs. L and Mr. B are wheelchair bound and would very much appreciate new lap throws to keep them warm all winter long.

Mrs. K

Mrs. K, an elderly woman living on her own, is very lonely. She hasn't been able to have visitors this year due to the ongoing pandemic. Crossword puzzles, puzzle books, and puzzles would keep her mind busy and brighten her holiday!

Mrs. A

Mrs. A has no family and limited income. She would love to find ready to heat microwave meals and soups under her Christmas tree this year. If you can help it would surely put a smile on her face!

Mrs. C

Mrs. C has always loved her baths, even though she's unable to take them without the assistance of a caregiver now they're still the highlight of her day. You would put a smile on her face this Christmas with something as simple as hygiene items, wash cloths and cozy new bath towels!

Mr. R

Mr. R misses his wife terribly, especially during the holidays when she used to make them all kinds of yummy treats. Being able to curl up under a new fleece blanket with some hot chocolate and Christmas candy would brighten his spirits this holiday season.

Mr. D and Mrs. D

Mr. D and Mrs. D soak their feet to soothe their arthritis. Personal hygiene items and warm socks to keep them warm at night would make their Christmas extra special.

Mr. F and Mr. G

Mr. F and Mr. G are brothers who live on a fixed income and very little cooking skills between them. Shelf stable items and ready to heat foods would really give them a Merry Christmas.