Guyandotte Elementary School

Here you can see all the items that are part of stockings that were hosted by Guyandotte Elementary School. You can use this to see the status of items, and read any notes that may be pertinent information.

Caroline, Mark, and their children

  • Boy's shirts, size 3T-4T (Claimed)
  • Boy's pants, size 3T-4T (Claimed)
  • Boy's shoes, size 9 (Claimed)
  • Boy's shirts (Completed) Need sizes
  • Boy's pants (Completed) Need sizes
  • Boy's pants, size 16-18 child size (Claimed)
  • Boy's shirts, size child large (Claimed)
  • Shoes, men's size 4 (Claimed)
  • Boys underwear (Completed) Need sizes
  • Boys socks (Completed) Need sizes
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Susie, John, Sally, and Jacob

  • Boy's clothes, size 4T/5T (Claimed)
  • Girl's clothes, size 24 months (Claimed)
  • Twin sized bed linens (Completed)
  • Twin sized bed linens (Completed)
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Tiffany and Donnie

  • Boy's shirts, size 4/5 (Completed)
  • Boy's pants, size 4/5 (Completed)
  • Boy's shoes, size 10 (Completed)
  • Boy's coat, size 5 (Completed)
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Connie, her son Bobbie, and the new baby on the way

  • Boy's shirts, size 4-5T (Completed)
  • Boy's pants, size 4-5T (Completed)
  • Boy's underwear, size 4-5T (Completed)
  • Socks, boy's size 9 (Completed)
  • Shoes, boy's size 9 (Completed)
  • Twin sheets (Completed)
  • Twin comforter (Completed)
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Birdie and her children- Nancy, Andy, Adam, and Alan

  • Girl's shirts, size 6 (Claimed)
  • Girl's pants, size 6 (Claimed)
  • Boy's shirts, size 14/16 (Claimed)
  • Boy's pants, size 14/16 (Claimed)
  • Boy's shirts, size 16/18 (Claimed)
  • Boy's pants, size 16/18 (Claimed)
  • Men's pants, size M (Claimed)
  • Men's shirts, size L (Claimed)
  • Socks (Claimed)
  • Socks (Claimed)
  • Socks (Claimed)
  • Socks (Claimed)
  • Underwear (Claimed)
  • Underwear (Claimed)
  • Underwear (Claimed)
  • Underwear (Claimed)
  • Girl's coat, size 6 (Claimed)
  • Boy's coat, size 14/16 (Claimed)
  • Boy's coat, size 16/18 (Claimed)
  • Men's coat, size L (Claimed)
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