Empty Stockings Drive 2021

Feel the Candlenights Creep! This website exists to connect all you wonderful 'binos with those requiring some Candlenights cheer in the McElroy hometown of Huntington, WV. Check out the about page to learn more, and if you have any questions, email us at help@mbmbamangels.com.

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Good Samaritan Stockings

No matter what your financial situation or ability to ship to Huntington, there are lots of things you can do in your own community to make Candlenights shine! You can also donate money via PayPal to donate@mbmbamangels.com.

  • There are people in nursing homes who will probably not hear from anyone during the holidays. Call the nursing home of your choice and see if there are any ideas to brighten someone’s holiday.
  • The world seems to be full of pups and kittens, dogs and cats, who are living in shelters, hoping to be adopted. If you cannot take a pet into your home, perhaps you could make a donation to the shelter or rescue group of your choice. Tails will wag; purring will be heard.
  • Everyone knows a grumpy old (or not so old) person that is usually avoided. Consider doing something thoughtful on the outside chance that you could make that person smile.
  • Feed the birds, and pick up some trash. Smile at someone. It’s our world, and we can make it better.

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Unclaimed Stockings

Jason, Jaxon, and Jensen

Jason, Jaxon and Jensen are legally blind and living in Cabell County. Clothing sizes XL for Jason, LG for Jaxon, and LG for Jensen as well as bedding such as blankets, sheets, and pillow cases would certainly bring them Christmas cheer all through the year.


Bella was recently housed after living in our community’s emergency shelter. A coffee maker and some cookware would go a long way in making this new place feel like a home.


Tawny is so very excited about moving into her new apartment but she’s missing some very important items. A coffee pot, cookware, silverware, and kitchen towels would brighten up this new home for Christmas and the whole year through.


Donnie is currently staying in our community’s shelter while he waits for housing. Would you make his Christmas wish come true with some bus passes to get him to and from his brand new job?


Joel is a 14 year old boy who is receiving chemotherapy treatment at a local hospital. His family would really benefit from gas cards to get back and forth and Joel would love a pair of earbuds so he can listen to music while he’s getting his treatments.


Kassidy is a single mom of two children who has worked so very hard in her battle against addiction. Her one wish is for things like pots, pans and utensils so she can cook her children a delicious Christmas meal. Will you help this family who has been through so much?


Tammy is raising her three grandchildren. She spends all of her Social Security and Retirement income on food and rent to keep her grandchildren fed and in a warm and safe home. While she would never ask herself, new clothes size adult large and shoes size 9 would brighten up her holiday and keep her warm this winter. She especially loves sweat suits!

Robert and Suzanne

Robert and Suzanne are a married couple who are completely blind and live on their own. Suzanne is in need of an XL size winter coat and her husband, Robert, is in need of sweatpants with pockets in a men’s size XL. They both would also very much benefit from some bath and kitchen towels for their home.

Johnson twins

The Johnson twins are five years old and love sharing the king size bed that their grandmother got for them. They would love some warm bedding such as blankets and sheets to make it more comfortable for them.

Mrs. L

Mrs. L loves her daily hot baths. She would very much love some new fluffy towels and toiletries to make it special for her all year round.


Natalie is a single mother who has been working very hard on her sobriety. She just regained custody of her children and the small family has moved into an apartment of their very own! Natalie would love some twin sized bedding for the kids, curtains, and pots/pans to make it feel like a home for herself

Buddy and Sally

Little Buddy and his sister Sally have one wish for Christmas and that is for their family to get a gas cook stove so they can have meals at home. Sally and Buddy could also really use some warm clothing for the winter. Sally wears a size 18 months in clothes and coats and Buddy wears a size 5T in coats and clothing. Can you help bring this family that tries so hard to make ends meet some holiday cheer?


Louis is a very good little boy who tries extra hard at school. He has one wish for Christmas this year and that is to have a brand new winter coat and perhaps a new pair of shoes! He wears size 5 in clothes/coats and shoes size 10.


Sherry is setting up a new home after working hard to overcome her battle with addiction. While she has been able to get most of the things for her new home she hasn’t been able to get plates, silverware, and pots/pans.


Kara was a foster child who aged out of the system who has recently obtained an apartment! While she works very hard to provide for herself things are so very expensive and she’s been unable to get some important items for her new place such as a shower curtain, rugs, a microwave, pots/pans, and plates/bowls. Will you help Kara make her new place feel more like a home for the holiday?

Zachary and Zander

Zachary and Zander are twin boys who are both legally blind. Both boys are in need of a warm winter coat size XL. A pair of brand new shoes for both boys would go a long way in making their holiday bright! Zachary wears a size 12 in shoes while Zander is in a size 11.

Kaden, Danny, Katie, Kimberly Jones

The Jones’ just went from a family of seven to a family of nine with the arrival of twins! The older children love their new little siblings but would love some things just for them. Kaden is 8 years old and would love some new shoes or winter boots, he’s a size 5 in boys. His brother Danny is 6 and wears a size 12. Katie and Kimberly are the youngest of the school aged Jones kids and wear sizes 11 and 12 in kid’s shoes.


Kevin is new to the program and really misses his family, especially during the holidays. Some large flannel pajamas and a plain large hoodie would go a long way in giving him some comfort while he’s away from home.


Linda is brand new to the program at Recovery Point HER Place where she is only 30 days clean from drugs and alcohol. She has not yet gained employment, but is applying for jobs. HER Place is currently providing her with all hygiene supplies needed, but could use the support from you. Would you help Linda feel loved by purchasing her shampoo, body wash, deodorant, toothbrush/toothpaste, razors and feminine products?

Twin boys

Twin boys lost their single mom suddenly to a car accident. They’re now living with their grandmother who is on a fixed income. While she loves the boys dearly she’s unable to afford to get them the new winter clothes they both very much need. Clothing, a winter coat (size 4-5T), and shoes (size 9-10c) would give this family who has been through tragedy a little bit of joy this Christmas.


Julia is a middle-aged woman with an intellectual developmental disability who has no family close by. Because of this she rarely receives gifts for Christmas but we know some hygiene items and a warm Hoodie (she loves Marshall, Go Herd!) would go a long way to lift her spirits.


Josh’s mother is disabled and unable to work because of her health issues. His mom tries very hard to make ends meet with the small amount of income the household has but sometimes she can’t afford things that they need like sheets and blankets for his twin size bed. Josh loves all things superhero’s and wears clothing size 6. Can you help make this little boy’s holiday a little bit warmer?


Paul is a veteran who just obtained employment. Because he has to take two buses to get to work he would greatly appreciate a thirty day bus pass would do more than just help him get where he needs to go but also help him to save a little bit so he can start the process of getting ahead.

Joey and siblings

Little Joey and his siblings live with their grandparents who have been struggling with health issues. New winter clothing and warm coats would go a long way in making sure these children have a happy and warm holiday! Little Joey wears a size 12 in shoes and 5T in coats, shirts and pants while his baby sister wears a size 3T in coats, shirts and pants and size 8 in toddler shoes. Their older sister wears a size 12/14 in coats and size 4 in women’s shoes.

Sasha and Sarah

Sahsa and Sarah are micro-preemie twins who will be able to leave the hospital soon! Preemie sized diapers, a portable bassinet and pacifiers would help get these girls and their parents set for their homecoming.


Kevin’s grandmother does everything she can to provide for her grandson but she’s been unable to afford winter boots, winter clothes, or a new coat for the cold months to come. Will you help this grandmother keep her grandson warm all winter with clothes and a coat size 4T and shoes


Darrell is an elderly man who has to rely on electric heaters to keep his home warm during the winter months. He’s afraid to run them at night because of the fire risk and would really benefit from blankets and a coat size medium. Will you help this gentleman stay warm during the long, cold winter nights?

Faye and Catherine

Faye lives with her grandmother Catherine, both are legally blind. While they have just enough money to make ends meet there are still things both women are in need of but just can’t afford. For Catherine who is 76 that’s sheets and blankets for a queen sized bed as well as warm clothes size XL in pants and tops. Faye who is 21 wears a size M/L and could really use some new clothes as well as bedding for her full size bed. Will you give this little family a gift that will help them all year long?

Johnny and Judy

Little Johnny’s dad recently had his hours cut at work due to Covid-19. His dad wanted so badly to be able to get Johnny and his sister both a new winter coat this year but now finds himself without the ability to do so. Can you help this family who really is trying so very hard to make ends meet? Johnny wears a size 6/7 in boy’s clothes/coats while his sister Judy wears a size 5T.

Mr. F

Mr. F has quite the sweet tooth and no one to bake for him. Can you help make his holiday a little bit sweeter with some candy and hot chocolate?


Josiah loves to draw and color as a way to calm his anxiety. He’ll be away from his family for the upcoming Christmas holiday and would love some adult coloring books, sketch pads, colored pencils and perhaps even some word searches to keep his mind occupied. Can you help make a difficult time of year a little bit brighter for Josiah?


Gina is so very thrilled to have a safe home of her very own just in time for the holidays but hasn’t been able to afford proper bedding just yet. Can you help make this home a warm place for her to relax with a comforter, sheets and blankets for a full size bed?

Chloe and Claire

Chloe and Claire are living with their parents at the local shelter. Both of their parents have recently found jobs but are still struggling to get back on their feet. Winter clothing and coats size 4-5T and new boots size 10c would keep the girls warm and take some worry off of mom and dad.

Mr. Malcolm

Mr. Malcolm is a 70 year old man with a visual and hearing impairment. He lives on a fixed income and has been sleeping on his floor because he can’t afford a bed. Can you help get Mr. Malcolm off the floor with a twin sized mattress and box springs?

Mr. and Mrs. Shaw

Mr. and Mrs. Shaw have just gotten a home but the bedrooms are quite drafty and cold, especially during the winter months. Will you help them stay warm with some electric space heaters?


Ella-Mae became a single mother without much warning when she lost her spouse (who was the main income for the household) without much warning. She is now working two jobs but struggling to make ends meet for herself and her children. The little girl wears a size 5/6 in clothes and 9c in shoes while her brother wears 5/6 in clothing and a 13c in shoes. Can you help her keep her kids comfortable this winter with some new bedding for a toddler bed and a twin sized bed and maybe some new clothes?


Scott is a veteran with a small apartment. At the moment he currently only has a fishing chair and eats his meals by balancing his plate on his lap. A small bistro table would make him so very happy this Christmas!

Shirley and Adam

Shirley is a single mom who is working hard to put herself through nursing school. While she is able to pay for her rent and utilities she’s finding it difficult to afford extra’s such as winter clothing and boots for her son Adam. He wears a size 5 in clothing and 12c in boots. Can you help this single mom who is trying so hard keep her little boy warm this winter?

Jimmy, Timmy, Tommy, Sabrina, Cindy

Jimmy and his five siblings lost almost everything due to a flood earlier this year. While they’re home was saved and they are back in it now most of their clothes and shoes couldn’t be saved. Jimmy is a size 4-5T in coats/clothing and 11 in kid shoes. His older brother Timmy wears a size 8/10 in boy’s coats and clothing, his shoe size is 4 in men’s. Little brother Tommy wears a size 4T in coats/clothes and 10 in kid shoes. Their older sister Sabrina wears a size 10/12 in coats/clothing with little sister Cindy wearing a size 7/8 in clothing/coats and 13 in kid shoes. Can you help these kids who have overcome so much this year?


Cara waits for the bus every morning without a winter coat and the temperatures are dropping fast! Can you help Cara keep warm this Christmas and all winter long by providing her with some winter clothing and a warm coat size 10-12?


The only thing Marcy wants for Christmas this year are sheets and warm blankets for her twin size bed. Will you grant Marcy’s one holiday wish?


Gracie is a single mother of two children and recently left an abusive relationship. She’s gotten her family into low income housing and works but still struggles to make ends meet. Can you help this little family with some essential items such as hygiene supplies, towels, sheets and blankets for a full and twin sized bed?

Jared and Leslie

Jared and Leslie are an older couple living on a fixed income. They have a full size bed and could really use some help with sheets and blankets to keep them extra warm this winter! Leslie and Jared also desperately need bath towels, kitchen towels, socks, and underwear.


Tucker has recently gotten an apartment after living on the streets and is so very proud of it! A microwave is at the top of his list for Santa this year and would make his new place feel more complete.

Mr. R and Mrs. S

Mr. R and Mrs. S both have lots of medical appointments and would love nothing more than have some new socks, gloves and even a winter hat to keep warm up their winter!

Nathaniel and Eric

Nathaniel and Eric are brothers who lost everything before being placed outside of their home. Old Spice body wash and deodorant, a hoody and some pajama bottoms would really go a long way in making them feel a little more comfortable in their new placement this Christmas. Nathaniel wears clothing size medium while Eric wears XL.


Madelyn is an older woman living with a cognitive disability. Santa’s very busy this year and was wondering if you could help him make her holiday special by giving her some warm blankets and maybe some hygiene items as well!


Dreama is so excited to have finally found a job but she is having trouble affording casual clothing size 8 that she can wear at her new place of employment. Will you help fill her Christmas wish that will help her out all year?

Erica, Courtney, Brooke, Audrey, Bronx

Erica was recently widowed making her a single mom to four children who lost her home and belongings in a house fire. Courtney is the oldest of the four children and wears an adult size medium. Brooke and Audrey both wear a size 14/16 while their little brother Bronx wears a size 8 in boys. New clothing and bedding for full size beds will go a long way in helping this family begin to rebuild their life.


Amber has been struggling to make ends meet. Can you help her stay warm this winter with a new coat size 4/5 and maybe some new boots size 9 ½ for the cold days ahead?


Stephanie is so excited to have her daughters with her for the holidays this year! She’s worked so hard this year and all she wants is to be able to tuck her children in on Christmas Eve with some warm and cozy blankets. Can you grant this Christmas wish?


Martin is a 21 year old who was recently housed after experiencing homelessness. He has a hard time cooking for himself and would really benefit from some easy to prepare canned meals such as Spaghetti O’s, etc. Hygiene items, kitchen and bathroom towels would go a long way in making him feel at home in this new place.

Bethany and Allison

Bethany and Allison are sisters who have been placed outside of their home for the first time. These girls didn’t come with very much and would appreciate some clothes to have a new outfit or two for their new school. Allison is a size medium and Bethany is XL. While they didn’t want to ask for too much they have both mentioned really wanting some nice smelling shower gel and maybe even some lotion. Will you be the one to put a smile on their faces Christmas morning?


Roger was recently housed. While he does have a stove he’s scared to use it because of his visual disability. A microwave would mean the world to him by allowing a little bit of independence in preparing himself food at home.


Salinger was recently housed and is working hard to make her apartment feel more like a home. At the moment she’s been sleeping on the floor but would very much appreciate an air mattress while she waits to get a bed.

Lettie and Larry

Lettie and Larry are an elderly couple who are both blind and live independently. Lettie wears a size large in women’s clothing and her husband is a size large in men’s. They could really use some socks, gloves, underwear, long sleeve shirts and coats to keep them warm during the cold winter months ahead.


Jason is a young man with physical disabilities who lives on his own. He loves to sit outside but as the weather is growing colder he’s been unable to do that. Can you help him get back to something he enjoys so much by giving him a scarf, some gloves, and perhaps a warm throw for his lap?


Kyle is working two part time jobs and was recently able to get an apartment. He would be so very excited to find new bedding for a queen size bed and some pillows under his tree Christmas Morning.

Rose, Sally, Sandra, and Scott

Rose is a single mother who has had her hours cut back at work due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. It would really make her Christmas special if her kids woke up Christmas morning to find some new clothes from Santa. Scott wears a size 5T while his big sister Sally wears a size XL in women’s. Their other sister Sandra wears a size 12 in girl’s clothing.

Cabell Wayne Animal Shelter

If you would consider donating to the Cabell Wayne Animal Shelter they always need things like paper towels, Purina dog and cat food, etc.