Empty Stockings Drive 2020

Feel the Candlenights Creep! This website exists to connect all you wonderful 'binos with those requiring some Candlenights cheer in the McElroy hometown of Huntington, WV. Check out the about page to learn more, and if you have any questions, email us at help@mbmbamangels.com.

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Good Samaritan Stockings

No matter what your financial situation or ability to ship to Huntington, there are lots of things you can do in your own community to make Candlenights shine! You can also donate money via PayPal to donate@mbmbamangels.com.

  • There are people in nursing homes who will probably not hear from anyone during the holidays. Call the nursing home of your choice and see if there are any ideas to brighten someone’s holiday.
  • The world seems to be full of pups and kittens, dogs and cats, who are living in shelters, hoping to be adopted. If you cannot take a pet into your home, perhaps you could make a donation to the shelter or rescue group of your choice. Tails will wag; purring will be heard.
  • Everyone knows a grumpy old (or not so old) person that is usually avoided. Consider doing something thoughtful on the outside chance that you could make that person smile.
  • Feed the birds, and pick up some trash. Smile at someone. It’s our world, and we can make it better.

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