Help Fill a Stocking!

Thank you for putting on your halo! Just complete the three steps below to cover an item. Here's the stocking you're planning to help out:

A single working mom with two children, Annie and Adam, needs towels and washcloths. It's hard to get ready for bed when there are not enough towels. Annie needs size 4T clothing, and shoes, size 10. Adam wears size 6 shoes, jeans in size 12, and shirts size 10. Bedding is in short supply: Annie would like a twin size comforter and sheets in a flowery print; Adam is more into camouflage.

1. Choose Items

Choose which (or all) of these unclaimed items you'd like to cover:

2. Get in Touch with Guyandotte School/Headstart

Give Sue a call at 304-617-6919 (Monday-Friday business hours only) to make sure the item hasn't already been covered, and to get any extra information you might need. Make sure you reference the stocking for Mom, Annie, & Adam (stocking 1).

You can write down the confirmed address at:

607 5th Avenue, Huntington, WV 25702

If you find out the item's already been covered, please let us know so we can mark it accordingly. Simply send us a message at saying that "X items for stocking number 1 have already been filled"

3. Claim Your Items

To claim your items, enter and confirm your email address in the form below. We promise to "be cool for one second" and won't use your e-mail for anything other than getting in touch with you if there's an issue. If you have already claimed other items, just enter the same e-mail address as before and it will automatically add them to the existing items in your profile.

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