About MBMBaM Angels

The McElroy brothers are not experts, and their advice should never be followed. But their example is one of the best around and we hope you’ll come together with us, stronger than ever, to bring some Candlenights joy to folks who really need it.

As many of you know, the McElroys hail from Huntington, WV. West Virginia has struggled with poverty for many years and Huntington is no exception: a significantly depressed regional economy and raging opioid crisis continue to impact Huntington itself and many of the surrounding communities. While the McElroys help us to all feel warm and jolly around Candlenights, there are hundreds of people in their community struggling to find much to be jolly about and, in some cases, even to stay warm. This is NOT COOL.

Back in 2014, the Brothers decided to do something about it. Each year their local paper, the Herald-Dispatch, publishes a list of individuals in Huntington who are asking for the littlest of somethings to make their holidays a little brighter. They reached out to all of us, their fans, and asked if anybody would be willing to take a look at the list and maybe knock one or two off of it to give back to Home Sweet Huntington. Justin dubbed the project the MBMBaM Angels.

MBMBaM listeners stepped up to become Angels and demolished the list in literally one afternoon. Every year, we’ve come back together to make another miracle happen for Huntington and every year is bigger and better than the one before. Last year, you seriously cool babies bought 23 beds for kids sleeping on the floor, built a wheelchair ramp for someone to access their home, clothed families, got people to work with bus passes, and lit Huntington up with your kindness and generosity.

In Collabor-eighteen, we’re here to prove we’re stronger together and MBMBaM Angels are stronger than ever. Here’s what to do:

  1. Choose an empty (or partially filled) stocking from the home page.
  2. Choose the unclaimed items you would like to claim (all items or only a few) and enter your email. This claims the stocking as yours!
  3. Call the organization to ensure that request has not been taken, and let them know which stocking you plan to fill (by child's name).
  4. Use the confirmed address from the spreadsheet to send your stocking items. (Please note that some items, like bus passes, may have special notes attached to the request. Check the item's details to be sure!)
  5. Once you’ve sent your stocking goodies, be sure to let us know! Use the email field on the home page to look up your profile. From there you can set your items as "complete" and add to any notes (tracking numbers can be useful)

The MBMBaM Head Angels are also collecting monetary donations to help cover big-ticket items like appliances, furniture, and other things that would be difficult for one person to claim alone. Sr. Mark and Mike are back to collect your funds and do great things with them – feel free to check out our FAQ page to learn more about the donation process!

And with that, all we have left to do is thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. This is a community of 30,000 Under 30,000 Charitable Luminaries and we are so proud of every one of you.

With love,

Your Head Angels