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This website is here to help organize all the good good giving boys and allow us as a community to support those in need in the McElroy hometown of Huntington, WV. If you have any questions, email us at help@mbmbamangels.com.

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No matter what your financial situation or ability to ship to Huntington, there are lots of things you can do in your own community to make Candlenights shine! You can also donate money via PayPal to donate@mbmbamangels.com.

ID Who's it For? Organization Progress Remaining Items Original Stocking
11 Jason Huntington City Mission 1/2 Size 3X-4X Shirts
Jason is aiming to turn his luck around. He needs size 3X-4X shirts and a coat of the same size. With that, he’ll be able to pursue better times.
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32 Brad Recovery Point 2/3 Other items (call for details)
Brad came to Recovery Point six months ago, and is making great effort to better his life. He came with only the clothes on his back, and needs a heavy coat, size XL, and gloves. Actually anything would be appreciated.
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48 Kyle Recovery Point 2/3 Winter clothing (call for sizes)
Kyle went directly from jail to Recovery Point, and has been an inspiration to all with the changes that he has made in his life in these last six months. He lost everything due to his addiction, and needs a backpack, winter clothing, and work boots (size 11)
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93 Billy, David, Paul, and Mitchell Spring Hill Headstart 4/9 Clothes, children's size 4; Boots, children's size 12; Boots, men's size 13; Boots, men's size 9; Boots, size 3
The income in this family took a real hit when dad got too sick to work. The children need clothing and warm boots. Billy wears a size 4, size 5 in coats, and children’s boots, size 12. He’s got three older brothers. David, who is 14, wears size 13 men’s boots and XL coat. Then comes Paul, who is 12, and wears a size 14/16 coat and boots, size 9 men’s. Mitchell is 8, and wears a size 8/10 coat and size 3 boots. These children could be warm and comfortable this winter with these gifts.
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